The barber

“Behind a man with great style and confidence there is a barber who exercises his art with skill and elegance”


   My career in the world of hairdressing arises with a family character since different direct members of my family are hairdressers and have had a hairdressing salon for many years, among others my mother, I have grown up surrounded by everything that surrounds the world of the barber shop. I have worked in different salons where I have developed my experience to achieve knowledge that has led me to be a professional in the sector. After this intense time, I think the time has come to be able to run my own business to grow professionally and achieve new goals.

The proposal to establish a men’s hairdresser and barber shop in the city comes from afar, I had always dreamed of having a center dedicated to the beauty of man and finally that dream comes true in the city of Tarragona, my city.

Excited I undertake this trip … will you accompany me?

Come and meet us!

Located in the capital Tarragona, touching the Rambla nova.

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Miguel Gigar-The Barber
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